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1. Free 15 Minute Website Analysis

In this short analytical PDF report, we reveal to you:
- Your website's social media portfolio
- An indepth SEO analysis of your site
- Suggestions on how you can immediately improve your site's search engine rankings.
- What can do to help you improve your online presence
- And much much more...

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to make your website more relevant to searches in search engines and increases your ranking and visibility in the search engines. With increased visibility, your online business will experience improved visitor traffic and improved sales.

There are targeted and untargeted visitors to your website. Targeted visitors are people who are genuinely looking for a solution that is in line with your business and have the interest in making a purchase. Untargeted visitors form traffic which generally do not convert well into a sale. With a properly SEO-ed online business website, you gain traction with targeted visitors who are searching for keywords relavent and who are actually interested in your products and services.

Organic traffic through search engines are the best forms of traffic because
1) it's free
2) it's targeted
3) you gain credibility by having a top-ranking site.

The team at has close to 6 years of SEO experience and have brought multiple websites to the first page of top search engines like Google and Yahoo. We have done it before and now, you can take advantage of our vast experience and track-proven record and do the same for your online business.

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The majority of people online looking to find services and products start with search engines like Google. That said, ads allows your website to appear tops and it is the first thing that your potential customers see before that even look at your competition.

The Pay-Per-Click model with most only ad networks even Google's, works by charging you only if a visitor clicks on your ad. This means that compared to traditional forms of marketing, you are only charged when someone sees your product or services. This makes it a lot cheaper and highly targeted.

Even so, the problem with most companies without experience is that they end up running ads without proper optimization, leading to badly targeted ads and wasted marketing funds on expensive ads. takes a different approach with a complete solution that not only runs your ads but provide a full analysis of your business and carefully tailor an ad campaign that maximizes your ROI.

What we do:

- understand your business' product or service offerings
- identify targeted keywords in search engines relevant to your niche
- bid on niche and long tail keywords that are often disregarded but has great potential
- create optimized landing page for your ads
- tracking conversion and provide on-going optimization
- provide performance reports


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Market to online communities in your niche market. Harness the power of digital word-of-mouth marketing through social communities like facebook and twitter. With social media marketing, your business can infiltrate virtual communities online and build up branding. Social media marketing also allows you to monitor response and reaction by people towards your brand, providing you with valuable feedback.'s social media marketing strategy allows you to:

-increase your brand awareness online
-build your brand's authority on the Internet
-educate customers directly on your products/services
-build backlinks to your website from social media sites
-directly address customer queries and issues
-monitor and learn more about customer response to your products and services

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Engage online influencers and top news sites when you deliver your press release to journalists, bloggers, news sites, content syndicators. Press releases are professionally delivered to large new networks, financial portals, content syndicators and influencial bloggers that will spread word of your business and build your brand online. has the capability to hook you up with the right media and the right customers online. Your brand will experience new heights of media exposure. It does not end here - we will also provide you with a breakdown of the traffic stats so that you know where to concentrate further marketing budget in order to increase ROI for every dollar you spend.

With, you will:

-get your website ranked in Google News
-get your website seen on 39+ high authority sites like,,, and more
-provide us with your business details and we will write your press release for you
- get a detailed report on which sites your website appeared on

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Don't lose your customers. An optimized email marketing campaign allows you to keep contact, build relationships and continue to sell to your visitors - even after they have left your website.

Studies have shown that most customers do not buy on their first visit. Most websites without a proper email campaign set up will lose that customer after he or she has left. With a proper email campaign, you are now able to continue to communicate with your potential customers, updating them with product infomation, reviews, special offers and more.

Constant communication have been shown to increase customer conversion and improve response to new product offerings.

At, we will help you to:

-create your mailing list
-take care of your signs ups
-create you email marketing campaign
-design customized corporate template for your emails
-provide you with statistics tracking and reports

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If your business has an online store or if you are interested in selling your products or services online, we can help design and build a customized affiliate platform for your online business. With your affiliates on board, you will now command a virtual army of sales people that helps you to push your products and services to more groups of people over the Internet.

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Understand how and why you need online marketing to break through to online customers and free your business from physical constraints. We conduct special courses on Internet Marketing, taught by CEO and Internet marketing guru, Mr Ewen Chia.

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